Little Red Gliding Hood by Tara Lazar (Illustrated by Troy Cummings)

Little Red skates to Grandma’s house every Sunday. But her skates are getting worn out. How fortuitous that she learns of a Pairs Skating Competition, for which the prize is brand new skates. Hansel and Gretel are strong contenders, along with the Dish and the Spoon, but Little Red can’t find an acceptable partner. Until the Big Bad Wolf demonstrates some pretty awesome skating skills. Will he be good?

This story has so many familiar characters to liven up the scene like the Tortoise and the Hare, Prince and Cinderella, Jack and Jill, and more. The story plays successfully with a miriage of fractured fairytale characters.  It’s really fun.  If your kids enjoy any of the classics, they’ll love this.


Wolf! Wolf! by John Rocco

A classic with a twist. The hungry but not yet guilty old wolf is tending his weedy vegetable garden when he hears the young boy call his name. He hurries to the scene, but stays hiding while he watches the villagers get upset with the boy for making them run to the pasture for no good reason. The third time he hears the boy call him, he concocts a plan. Knowing the villagers won’t believe the boy this time, he figures he can get one of those tasty goats to fill his hungry old stomach. But this old wolf is a reasonable character. He cuts a deal with the boy to rebuild trust with the villagers and still satisfies his hunger (in an unexpected way).

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch (Illustrated by Michael Martchenko)


I recently read a recommendation for The Paper Bag Princess at Amelie’s Bookshelf. I realized I needed to own this book.  It’s a classic that every little dirty (or pristine) princess should acquire.

If your prince doesn’t want to see you disheveled after you’ve been attacked by a dragon and you’ve come to rescue him, well, it’s time to find a new prince!

This story is a fine example of a picture book that doesn’t need a ton of words to tell a meaningful story. Because it’s an old classic, it is super inexpensive, so go grab this one and add it to your bookshelf. The dragon tale will appeal to little princesses and princes alike, as well as to their royal parents.