Chicken of the Family by Mary Amato (Delphine Durand, illustrator)

9780399241963_p0_v1_s260x420Have your siblings ever tried to convince you that you were adopted?  Mine have! This is a hilarious and relatable picture book in which two older sisters convince their younger sister that she is a chicken. They have all the relevant points covered, after all, her legs ARE a little bit yellow and her toes ARE long. So, when feathers and an egg miraculously appear by Henrietta’s bed, that’s all the evidence she needs to decide it’s true.  She heads out to the farm to find her true family.

When I was little, my brother and sister tried this trick on me.  I’d say “Why do I look like everyone else in the family?” They always had a reply, “Duh, we picked you to look like us.” Henrietta’s sisters try the same tactics and it works, until it backfires on them. Because I could relate so well, I loved it. 


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